An oasis between Elbe and Weser where you can enjoy good company and artfully brewed beer.



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Private Brewery since 2008

History of German Beer Breweries

Brewing beer is an old craft that was invented over 3000 years ago in Ancient Babylon and Egypt.
They had already over 30 different varieties of beer in those days.

The Romans then brought beer to old Germania where the art of brewing was simplified and made more effective in the Middle Ages.
The 15th Century witnessed an explosive growth in the number of breweries that tried to satisfy the great demand.
The tax collectors were quick to notice and use this boom.

There is hardly any country that has been characterised so much by beer brewing as Germany.
That is why many large breweries have their origin in our country or were founded by Germans abroad. Unfortunately, today most breweries are run by foreign corporations …

The Brewery Master’s Dinner

4-course meal consisting of:

  • Samples of 3 different beers of 0.1 l each
  • Our brewery’s homemade bread served with garlic dip and curd with fresh herbs
  • Selsinger wedding soup
  • Brewery platter: 2 small pork filets on fried potatoes with broccoli and beer gravy
  • Cheese platter








Tour of the BreweryBierflaschen

Minimum of 4 persons. Duration: approx. 30 minutes

You are welcome to combine your stay with a guided tour of our brewery as well. Let our brewery team introduce you to the world of beer.

€ 24 per person including the brewery master’s dinner.


Please contact us and our team for individual arrangements and any further questions you may have.


Take-away beerpiahofinternet

  • 1 l bottle of beer € 5
  • 2 l mug of beer € 15
  • 5 l party barrel € 15 
  • dispenser for 5 l barrel – deposit € 10

We will also deliver 30 l or 50 l barrels for the price of € 2.50 per litre for your party.
Dispenser, carbonic acid and glasses included! (Deposit quoted upon request)